Touching the Organs
with Frances Farmer

August 2017
Deepening Our Understanding of the 12 Traditional Organs of Taoism
All Healing Practitioners Welcome!
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Shiatsu Healing Benefits

Shiatsu is the art of listening to another's Chi. Shiatsu can alleviate the pain associated with many conditions and promotes the self-healing properties of our own bodies. Shiatsu is deeply relaxing and meditative. Some of Shiatsu's physical benefits include stimluation of the circulatory, lymphatic, and hormonal systems.
More Shiatsu Benefits

What They're Saying:

"Frances is more than a body worker. She is a skilled shiatsu practitioner and therapist whose understanding of Chinese medicine practices combined with her mastery of Western anatomy and physiology make her an accomplished healer, as well."
Harvey Ovshinsky

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