The Theory of 5 Elements

5 element Siatsu

The concept of Five Element Theory came from the Ancients. It is a Taoist cosmology used to understand all phenomena in the Universe. The Five Elements are: WATER-WOOD-FIRE-EARTH-METAL and are seen as phases that exist in all of Nature. The Taoists knew that the human being was a microcosm of Nature, so to understand the patterns of these Five Elements was to understand the patterns of humans. The Eastern Healing Arts have used this map for many thousands of years to understand the cycles of health and disease in our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. They saw these Elements of Nature flowing throughout our bodies in an orchestrated, beautiful cycle of creation. Each Element has a corresponding organ and meridian that can be felt and assessed in the body.

During my shiatsu sessions, I use the Five Element theory to understand your true Nature by leaning into your meridians and feeling the quality of the Elements. They knew that Nature has Laws that must be obeyed if there is to be health. As I am leaning into your meridians I can tell what Elements are strong and healthy in you and what Elements are tired and exhausted. Then, after your session, we discuss what I have felt and how you can give yourself what you need to balance your whole being. What I find so beautiful about the Five Element theory is that it is a way to see our bodies as a garden, a living, growing, responding organism with the innate intelligence that is in all Nature to be alive with beauty. We explore together how you can learn from your symptoms, where you are ignoring (assaulting) your true Nature and to gently change your direction of energy so that you nourish your true Nature. I am interested in helping you to appreciate and understand the wonderful gifts of your True Nature, and to help you live in balance with it.

What They're Saying:

"When I used to have regular massage I would feel limp and relaxed when I finished. When Frances does shaitsu I feel light and clear as well as relaxed. This is such a huge difference, that I'll never go back to regular massage again."
Michael McGrath