Ohashiatsu Healing Benefits

Ohashiatsu is wonderful for creating balance in your body. The principles of this work are to apply perpendicular pressure to your body, to activate your body's parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the Autonomic Nervous System that puts you into relaxation. This means blood vessels dilate, heart rate slows down, blood pressure decreases, breathing becomes slower and deeper, and digestion and metabolism are increased.

shiatus session

These are the essentials for the body to carry on its healing ability. By applying deep, slow perpendicular pressure, we are creating an atmosphere for the body to heal itself. With applied knowledge we can be more specific on our healing, such as stiff backs, necks and shoulders; poor or painful digestion; insomnia; menstrual discomfort or hot-flashes; headaches; and most other conditions that are aided by better circulation and softening of the surrounding tissues.

On the other hand, when someone is feeling low-energy or lethargic, we can apply gentle rocking and stimulating techniques such as stretching to help the sympathetic nervous system. This can help one to feel more energized and stimulated. As always, we are trying to create balance and tonus so the body can carry on with its amazing healing power.

What They're Saying:

"When I used to have regular massage I would feel limp and relaxed when I finished. When Frances does shaitsu I feel light and clear as well as relaxed. This is such a huge difference, that I'll never go back to regular massage again."
Michael McGrath