Health Thoughts

Frances Farmer

The most amazing thing I have learned from practicing bodywork full-time for 18 years is that nourishing our bodies is the single most important thing we can do to protect our health! When I say "nourish" I mean specifically:

  1. Resting, as in "slowing down", sleeping more hours, relaxing after work, taking time to laugh and enjoy your friends and family
  2. Eating nourishing foods, not foods made in factories, such as all foods that come in bags, boxes, or has an ingredient list. (These foods actually deplete our digestive fire and power and weaken our immune systems, among many other destructive things!) I mean foods that were considered sacred to the indigenous peoples of the earth, foods that nourish not only our bodies, but also our souls with vitamins A and D. These foods include unprocessed and naturally fermented dairy from cows and goats living on green pasture and grasses. Bones and meat, especially the organs, from animals raised on healthy, living, soil outdoors in the sun and rain. Food from the oceans and seas which are full of minerals that may not be in our soil. Raw butter and coconut oil are very nourishing foods, also raw cheeses. Eggs from our chickens running around outdoors eating any living thing it can get it's beak on and a safe home to boot. Of course plenty of fresh, in season, vegetables growing outdoors free of added chemicals, served with lots of butter and or cream! A little raw honey for that sweet craving and maybe some dried fruit with yogurt, or better yet, homemade ice cream from raw cream and berries. Most important is to look for your food with intelligence and dignity, and to spend appropriately. (Sorry, I get a little carried away when it comes to food, I am pretty passionate about food, and have even been known to have outbreaks of being "preachy", "pushy", or just a plain "know-it-all" when it comes to nutrition.) I love learning about food and how its microbiology works with our physiology so I love telling everyone about it whether they ask or not! I promise, I am working on this over-enthusiastic attitude.
  3. Anyway, here's more on nourishing your whole self.

  4. Listen to your inner self, knowing that deep inside your heart you know the truth of what you need to do to get well.
  5. Take time to do something you love, like learning anything you've always wanted to do.

I could go on and on, but the point is, is that a little nourishment goes way farther in healing your body, than just treating symptoms with drugs, surgery or supplements.

What They're Saying:

"Frances Farmer is a shiatsu massage therapist extraordinaire. She is extremely well-trained in shiatsu – she is a trainer herself – and she uses fully her intellect, her intuitive skills and her awareness of and listening to the person she is treating."
Penny Corbett