Shiatsu Sessions

Shiatsu Sessions, Ann Arbor, MI

I love my practice; it is how I heal myself daily. My practice of Ohashiatsu, the style of shiatsu I studied, is my spiritual practice, my meditation. The sessions I give are the art of listening to another's Chi. It really is the art of "Being" and not "Doing" and is a life-long meditation for me. I am so honored to be able to listen and touch another's life force. In my sessions I vow to remember that your body has the inner wisdom to heal itself, and I am here to listen and learn.

My sessions are given on the floor on a futon. You wear loose, comfortable clothes so you can be stretched and moved about without restraint. (I always have extra clothes that are loose and comfy in case you forget to wear or bring them yourself.) The sessions are usually practiced in silence as I am meditating and listening to your body's Chi or "life force". At first, I lean into potent, diagnostic areas in your body assessing whether they are tight, stagnated or painful, or if they are empty, or weak. I then lean into those meridians that are weak and those that are tight to help them to rebalance and flow more smoothly. You will experience deep, sinking pressure, much stretching, joint rotations, and gentle rocking. My intention is to reach the Chi deep within your muscles without force, but with a solid, relaxed pressure, which activates your body's healing ability through your parasympathetic nervous system. I am moving about your whole body in a slow, flowing manner that resembles a meditative dance, similar to Tai Chi. I work in silence to help both of us get out of our heads and into a deeper level of awareness, which is where true healing can take place.

My sessions are one and a half hours long. I do this intentionally to help you go into a deeper part of yourself where time does not exist. I think it is important to have a longer session that neither of us is ever hurried, and I can be very thorough about getting to every part of your body that needs attention.

In my practice, I am interested in teaching you to know how to take care of yourself. I see it as our responsibility as humans to live our lives according to the laws of our Nature as best as we are able. I know it is not always easy, we must confront ourselves, but, I must say, I enjoy the experience when someone takes control of their own health by being more mindful of what is nourishing to themselves and what is depleting, and staying healthier because of it. It is rewarding to see people taking care of themselves and to see them getting healthier. When you come to see me for shiatsu, I see it as my responsibility to help you feel the abundance flowing within your body and to learn how absolutely truly amazing you are!


Sessions are $120 for 1 1/2 hrs.